Monday, July 15, 2013

Humidex and Health Advisory issued for New Brunswick

WOCN54 CWHX 151844
Humidex and health advisory
Updated by Environment Canada and the New Brunswick Department of
At 3:44 PM ADT Monday 15 July 2013.
Humidex and health advisory for:
      Acadian Peninsula
      Bathurst and Chaleur region
      Campbellton and Restigouche County
      Edmundston and Madawaska County
      Fredericton and Southern York County
      Grand Falls and Victoria County
      Grand Lake and Queens County
      Kent County
      Kouchibouguac National Park
      Miramichi and area
      Moncton and Southeast New Brunswick
      Mount Carleton - Renous Highway
      Oromocto and Sunbury County
      St. Stephen and Northern Charlotte County
      Stanley - Doaktown - Blackville Area
      Sussex - Kennebecasis Valley and Kings County
      Woodstock and Carleton County.

Humidex values near 40 expected this afternoon.

Humidex values locally reaching 40 will lower gradually this
Evening. On Tuesday a slight improvement can be expected with
Humidex values near 36 over Southwest New Brunswick while
Other areas will likely see humidex values near 32.

Older adults, infants, young children and people with chronic medical
conditions are at greater risk of heat-related illnesses.  People
taking certain medications  especially for mental health conditions
are also at risk.  People who are very active outside are also at

The New Brunswick Department of Health recommends the following
precautions and actions:

- drink plenty of cool fluids, especially water before feeling

- wear lightweight, loose-fitting and light colored clothing.

- avoid exposure to the sun.

- if you can, reschedule strenuous activities to a cooler period.

- spend a few hours in a cool place or in an air-conditioned location
(mall, library, place of worship or grocery store).

- check with your pharmacist, nurse or doctor if your medication
increases your health risk in the heat and follow their

- frequently visit a vulnerable family member or neighbour to make
sure he or she is okay.

- take cool showers or baths until refreshed.

- use your air conditioner if you have one.

- organizers of sport and recreational activities should consider
rescheduling them.

- seek medical attention if you experience symptoms that are out of
the ordinary: heavy sweating, paleness, muscle cramps, faintness,
fatigue, dizziness, headache or nausea.

For more information please visit:  WWW.GNB.CA/0217/HEAT-E.ASP



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