Monday, July 07, 2014

Long stretch of warm weather at Caribou, Maine

...Many records have fallen...

July 3rd was the 6th day in a row with a high temperature of 87
degrees or warmer at Caribou. This is only the 4th time that
there has been such a lengthy stretch of high temperatures of 87F
or warmer at Caribou. The all-time record is 8 consecutive days
with a high of 87F or warmer, which was observed in July 1970.

July 3rd is also the 7th day in a row with a high temperature above
80 degrees. Although an impressive stretch by Caribou
standards, it is still shy of the record of 9 days set 3 times
during the decade of the 1970s.

The all-time warmest low temperature record was tied at Caribou
yesterday. The low of 71 degrees tied the record previously set on
July 31, 1970 and July 18, 1975.

During this stretch of warm weather a couple of high temperature
records have been established. On July 1st the high of 89 degrees
broke the previous record high of 88 degrees set in 1997. On the
2nd, the high of 91 degrees broke the previous record of 89F set
In 2002.

Record warm low temperatures were also established on the 1st and
2nd. The low on the 1st of 66 degrees broke the old record of 65
degrees in 1973. The low of 71 degrees on the 2nd broke the record
of 65 set in 1997.


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