Saturday, July 14, 2012

Charlottetown conserving water during dry spell

Monuments and fountains that use city water have been temporarily turned off and city contractors have been asked to avoid using municipal water, according to officials.

In addition, water left in rain barrels and a well that isn't part of the municipal water supply are being used for field irrigation, and to fill water trucks and tanks.

City vehicles aren't being washed, and the fire department is holding off on training activities involving water until conditions aren't as dry.

Charlottetown's three water pumping facilities are running at full capacity during the day to keep up with water demand.

The Island had some showers overnight, and the forecast for today calls for a chance of showers.


Blogger Lorenza Coon said...

It's a good thing that they’re helping each other. I really admire the cooperation! I do hope other countries will do the same thing to address the crisis of drought. Conserving water is really important!
- Lorenza Coon

7:29 AM  

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