Monday, July 07, 2014

June 2014 Climate Summary for northern and eastern Maine

June 2004 averaged a little above normal for temperature and near
normal for rainfall for northern and eastern Maine, both with some
geographical distribution across the region.

Average temperatures actually ranged from near normal across the
Down East coast upwards to nearly 2.5 degrees above average across
the far northeast.  Believe it or not, the average of 63.0 degrees
at Caribou, which was 2.3 degrees above normal tied for the 6th
Warmest June (along with 1995, 1979, and 1973). The warmest June(s)
(2006 and 1976) of record at Caribou was 64.0 degrees, only 3.3
degrees above the 1981-2010 mean of 60.7 which is unusually low
variation even for a summer month, meaning that this record can be
easily broken if a warm and relatively dry regime were able to
dominate the entire month of June. Most locations experienced a warm
first 10 days this month followed by at or below normal temperatures
between the 11th and 26th and then a warm finish for the 27th and
30th when most locations inland from the immediate coast experienced
maximum monthly temperatures of upper 80s to around 90 degrees.

Rainfall ranged from 75 to 95 percent of average across northeast
Maine, and 100 to 120 percent of average across the remainder of the
region.  At Caribou, this was the driest June since 2007 when only
2.44 inches fell, with 2009 nearly as dry with 2.69 inches.  More
So, this June ended a streak (2010-2013)of 4 consecutive wet Junes
were significant portions of the region experienced 150 to 250
percent of average rainfall.  Significant to heavy rainfall days this
June across the region included the 6th...18th and 25th/26th.

The official Climate Prediction Center forecast for our region for
the month of July is calling for equal chances of above...near
normal or below normal categories for both temperature and rainfall
for the entire region. Average high (low) temperatures forJjuly for
the region generally range from 75 to 80 (55 to 60) degrees with
average rainfall ranging from around 3.00 inches along the Down East
coast upwards to 4.00 inches across northern and western higher
terrain locations.


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