Saturday, October 08, 2005

Today Highlights

Low Temp: 5.2 C/41 F

Total Precip: 40 mm/1.57 Inches

Abundant moisture trained west to east across the area tonight, and late yesterday evening, along a slow moving cold front sinking down from the north. This brought rain, heavy at times, especially to the southern half of the region. One of the sources of this moisture was the remnants of Tropical storm Tammy (which made landfall along the SE coast of the US earlier in the week). Posted by Picasa

Weather Report For Johnson Settlement NB Recorded At 2100 UCT On 10/08/2005

Temp: 6.5 C/44 F, High; 18.3 C/65 F (in the predawn hours), Low (to current time) 6.5 C/44 F

Hum: 77%

Bar: 1017 mb/30.05 Inches; Rising Slowly

Sky: Overcaste; Nimbostratus

Wind: NE; 10 gusting to 20 mph/16 gusting to 32 km/h

Precip: Light rain

Total Precip: (to current time) 38 mm/1.50 Inches

Note: None