Thursday, March 30, 2006

20th century was neither the warmest century nor the century with the most extreme weather of the past 1,000 years

Weather Report For Johnson Settlement NB, Recorded At 2200 UCT On 03/30/2006

Temp: Current; 11.5 C/53 F, High; 13.5 C/56 F, Low; -4.8 C/23 F

Hum: 22%

Bar: 1018 mb/30.10 Inches; Falling Slowly

Sky: Mostly Sunny; Cirrus and Cirrostratus

Wind: West: 1 gusting to 2 mph/2 gusting to 3 km/h

Precip: None

Snowfall: None

Total Precip: None

Note: Barometeric pressure of 1022 mb/30.20 Inches recorded at 9:00 AM Local Time(AST); the highest of the month, thus far.

Dry Conditions Plague The Region with the danger of Forest Fires