Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Late Season Heat across northern Maine

The high temperature Sunday at Caribou was 88°F/31.1°C. This broke The previous record high for August 24th of 86°F/30°C set in 1980. The high temperature Monday was also 88°F/31.1°C degrees. This broke the previous record high for August 25th of 86°F/30°C set in 1999. The warm weather will continue today with a forecast high of 87°F/30.5°C. The record high Tuesday (August 26th) is 89°F/31.7°C, set in 2012.

A strong cold front will cross northern Maine Wednesday with temperatures to return to more seasonable levels later this week. The normal high and low this time of year at Caribou is 73°F/22.8°C  and 51°F/10.5°C.

Heatwave Day 08/25/2014



High: 90°F/32.2°C*
Low: 63°F/17.2°C 

* denotes a record for the date