Monday, July 03, 2006

News Story About The Possible Tornado

USA and Southern Canadian Lightning Strike Composite, from late last evening. Note the circled area indicating numerous lightning strikes occurring throughout the Region. Posted by Picasa

Close up New Brunswick Base Reflectivity Radar image of the two cells that effected the Region, last evening. Note the more intense colors, and hook like structure present in the more Northerly cell. Did it indeed cause a tornado to touch down in neighboring Florenceville? Only time, and Environment Canada analysis will tell for sure. Posted by Picasa

Doppler Radar Image of the two severe thunderstorms that effected the Region last evening. Posted by Picasa

Weather Summary For 07/02/2006

Temp: High; 26.2 C/79 F, Low; 9.1 C/48 F

Total Precip: 13 mm/0.51 Inch of rain, fell mainly in a severe thunderstorm in the late evening

Note: Moderate smog, occurred in the afternoon.

Highest humidity, of the month thus far, 81% occurred in the afternoon.

Lowest Barometric pressure, of the month thus far, 1001.5 mb/29.60 Inches, occurred in the late afternoon.

*** One of the most severe thunderstorms in the last 10 years, struck the area between roughly 9:40 PM and roughly 10:30 PM Local Time (ADT). This storm dropped 12 mm/0.47 Inch of rainfall, caused frequent and intense cloud to ground lightning strikes, sustained winds of 20 mph/32 km/h, with several brief peak gusts to 50 mph/81 km/h, and two short power outages.
Another, even more intense thunderstorm that passed off to the North of the area, may even have caused a tornado in neighboring Florenceville (a community about 25 miles/40 km, North of here), that caused much damage, and lead to several homes being evacuated.

Weather Summary For 07/01/2006

Temp: High; 24.3 C/76 F, Low; 11.1 C/52 F

Total Precip: A trace of rain, fell in the afternoon

Note: Frequent wind gusts of 30 mph/48 km/h, with a few brief peak gusts to 40 mph/64 km/h, occurred in the afternoon.