Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Humidex and Health Advisory issued for New Brunswick - 07/16/2013

WOCN54 CWHX 160011
Humidex and health advisory
Ended by Environment Canada and the New Brunswick Department of
At 9:11 PM ADT Monday 15 July 2013.
Humidex and health advisory ended for:
           Acadian Peninsula
           Bathurst and Chaleur region
           Campbellton and Restigouche County
           Edmundston and Madawaska County
           Fredericton and Southern York County
           Grand Falls and Victoria County
           Grand Lake and Queens County
           Kent County
           Kouchibouguac National Park
           Miramichi and area
           Moncton and Southeast New Brunswick
           Mount Carleton - Renous Highway
           Oromocto and Sunbury County
           St. Stephen and Northern Charlotte County
           Stanley - Doaktown - Blackville Area
           Sussex - Kennebecasis Valley and Kings County
           Woodstock and Carleton County.

Humidex values have dropped under 40 this evening. On Tuesday a
slight improvement can be expected with humidex values near 36 over
Southwest New Brunswick while other areas will likely see humidex
values near 32.


07/15/2013 heatwave day

New Brunswick


Max: 33.3°C
Min: 11.9°C


Max: 35.8°C

Min: 19.7°C

Bathurst Airport

Max: 35.9°C
Min: 16.8°C

Bas Caraquet

Max: 33.9°C
Min: 18.4°C


Max: 36.5°C
Min: 19.0°C

Greater Moncton Int'l Airport

Max: 34.3°C
Min: 16.7°C

Fredericton Int'l Airport

Max: 34.7°C
Min: 15.3°C

St. Stephen

Max: 34.0°C
Min: 15.8°C

Prince Edward Island

St. Peters

Max: 32.0°C
Min: 18.7°C

Charlottetown Airport

Max: 32.6°C
Min: 18.7°C


Max: 33.7°C
Min: 19.3°C

Nova Scotia

Sydney Airport

Max: 32.2°C
Min: 18.0°C

Halifax Stanfield Int'l Airport

Max: 32.4°C
Min: 19.0°C

Kejimkujik Park

Max: 32.6°C
Min: 15.4°C

Western Head

Max: 32.1°C
Min: 14.3°C



Max: 94°F/34.4°C*
Min: 62°F/16.7°C


Max: 93°F/33.9°C
Min: 54°F/12.2°C


Max: 94°F/34.4°C*
Min: 66°F/18.9°C


Max: 92°F/33.3°C
Min: 60°F/16.1°C


Max: 92°F/33.3°C
Min: 70°F/21.1°C


Max: 91°F/32.8°C
Min: 70°F/21.1°C

*Denotes a record for the date.