Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Warm Bias at Bangor Airport Fixed

NOUS41 KCAR 031702

101 PM EDT WED AUG 3 2016

...Temperature Readings at Bangor Airport Back in Tolerance...

Temperature readings recorded at the Automated Surface Observing
System (ASOS) at Bangor airport are no longer showing the warm bias
it had from this past very late April to the beginning of August.
Electronic Technician staff resolved the problem, which was a faulty
aspirator fan, at 11:10 AM yesterday, August 2nd.

High and low temperatures recorded from the Bangor ASOS beginning
from the high temperature on April 28th, 2016 to the low of August
2nd have been adjusted. The basis of the adjustment was a comparison
of high and low temperatures from the same time period in 2015,
comparing the Bangor ASOS and the nearest trustworthy climate site,
the U.S. climate reference site at Old Town. Based on the comparison
of this data, the determined correction factors were negative 4
degrees for high temperatures and negative 2 degrees for low
temperatures from the highs and lows recorded at the Bangor ASOS
during the warm bias period.

Subsequently, Preliminary Local Climate tables(PWMCF6BGRs) were
re-run for Bangor from April through July, along with corresponding
Monthly summaries (PWMCLMBGRs). Low and high temperatures entries
this month through the recorded low of August 2nd were also
corrected for the current BGR CF6.

We again apologize to our users for the length of time the warm
bias occurred and thank everyone for their patience while we
resolved this issue. We also especially thank members of the public
and the media for helping to bring this issue to our attention.