Sunday, September 02, 2018

All-time warmest summer (June, July & August) recorded at Caribou, Maine

The meteorological summer of 2018 was the all-time warmest on
record at Caribou. The meteorological summer in the northern
hemisphere is defined as the three month period of June through
August. The summer of 2018 had an average temperature of 66.3
degrees which eclipsed the previous record of 66.0 degrees set
during the summer of 1973. Weather records at Caribou began in

August 2018 was the all-time warmest August on record at Caribou
with an average temperature of 68.9 degrees, which was 5.3
degrees above average (1981-2010 averages). It broke the previous
record warm August in 2015 when the average temperature was 68.2

The record-setting August came on the heels of the all-time
warmest July, which was also the all-time warmest month at
Caribou. The average temperature of 70.9 degrees in July was 5.3
degrees above average. The previous all-time warmest month was
July 1970 when the average temperature was 69.6 degrees.