Sunday, February 21, 2016

Record Warm Winter at Caribou, Maine

...Warmest winter on record at Caribou...

The meteorological winter is defined as the 3-month period December through February.
So far the meteorological winter of 2015-2016 has been the warmest
on record at Caribou with an average temperature of 21.4 degrees,
which is 7.5 degrees above the 30-year average. The top 5 warmest
winters at Caribou (Dec 1-Feb 19) have all occurred since 2000.

1. 21.4F, 2015-2016
2. 19.6F, 2009-2010
3. 18.4F, 2001-2002
4. 18.3F, 2010-2011
5. 18.0F, 2005-2006

At Bangor, the average temperature so far this winter of 26.7 degrees
is 5.7 degrees above average. It has been the 5th warmest winter
on record so far. The period of record at Bangor dates back to the
winter of 1925-1926, and includes the 1930s, which the climate
record at caribou does not as weather records at Caribou did not
begin until 1940.

1. 28.9F,1936-1937
2. 28.8F,1932-1933
3. 28.6F, 1931-1932
4. 27.4F, 1949-1950
5. 26.7F, 2015-2016