Monday, September 12, 2016

Summer 2016 Climate Summary for Northern and Eastern Maine

...Summer 2016 northern and eastern Maine seasonal climate narrative...

Overall, northern and eastern Maine for summer (June 1st -August 31st) 2016 experienced above normal temperatures, with decidedly above normal rainfall across the north and significantly below average rainfall over downeast portions of the region.

Most locations averaged 1 to 2 degrees (F) above normal, with consistency of warmth rather than episodes of extreme heat being the rule this summer. At Caribou, 35 days of 80+ degree high temperatures were recorded during this period, with 3 being recorded in May and an additional 3 days currently in September giving a current warm season total of 41, well above the warm season average of 26. There were no 90 degree days this warm season at Caribou. Bangor`s warm season total of 59 days of 80+ degrees so for for the entire warm season is also well above average. There were two 90 degree days at bangor this warm season, which was 2 below the long term average of 4.

The only notable cool spells this summer occurred between June 1st and 19th and July 7th and 10th, both of which acted to keep overall summer positive departures from being significantly warmer.

It was the tale of two rainfall regimes for the region this summer, with the dividing line roughly running through central portions of the region. Across the north, rainfall was much more plentiful, with more frequent shower/thunderstorm days due to more frequent cold frontal passages. Further south, it was much drier with Down East areas forming the northern edge of a significant drought regime that affected much of the rest of New England. Overall, rainfall departures range from as low as 65 percent of normal for portions of the lower Penobscot Valley to as high as 135 percent of normal for some locations across far northern Maine. The seasonal rainfall total of 15.18 inches for Caribou was actually the 11th wettest June through August period of record since records began in 1939. Meanwhile, the relatively meager total of 7.78 inches for the season at Bangor was the 21st lowest since records began there in 1925.