Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Cold April, so far, in Northern and Eastern Maine

..A cold start to April...

April started on a very cold note this year. Through the first 9
days of the month, the average temperature at Caribou of 27.3
degrees was 6 degrees below average.  It tied with 1947 and 1957
as the 10th coldest start to the month of April.  Only the first
day of the month featured an average temperature that was above
the 30-year average. The 5th and 9th were quite cold with a high
of only 29 degrees both days. On average, Caribou can expect to
have a high temperature below 30 degrees during the month of April
about once every 3 years. 2003 takes top honors with 6 days where
the high failed to reach 30F.

At Bangor, the average temperature from April 1-9 was 33.6
degrees, which was 4.6 degrees below average. It tied with 1975
for the 12th coldest start to the month. The 1st was the only day
to have an average daily temperature that was above the 30-year