Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Picture of a Popple Tree in my area starting to leaf out. This is roughly one month ahead of schedule. This is also the earliest that trees have started to leaf out in my area since I started keeping records; 12 years ago (in January of 1994). Posted by Picasa

Weather Report For Johnson Settlement NB, Recorded At 2100 UCT On 04/12/2006

Temp: Current; 15.8 C/60 F, High; (highest temp of the year, and the season, thus far) 18.7 C/66 F, Low; 0 C/32 F

Hum: 25%

Bar: 1023 mb/30.22 Inches; Falling Slowly

Sky: Mainly Sunny; Cirrus and Cirrostratus

Wind: SW; 15 gusting to 25 mph/24 gusting to 40 km/h

Precip: None

Total Precip: None

Note: Barometeric pressure of 30.39 Inches/1029 mb; highest of the season, and the year, thus far, recorded at 9:30 am local time (ADT).

Warmest day of the year, and the season, thus far.

A few brief wind gusts of 30 mph/48 km/h, occurred late this afternoon.