Thursday, June 01, 2017

May 2017 Climate Summary for Northern and Eastern Maine

 ...Northern and eastern maine monthly climate narrative...

Temperatures this past May averaged very close to the 30-year average, and ranged from around 1 degree below average across the Downeast region to 1 degree above average across parts of far northern Maine. Precipitation was above average across the region and ranged from 130 to 200 percent of normal.

At Caribou, the average temperature of 52.7 degrees was 1.2 degrees above average. At Houlton, the average temperature of 51.1 degrees exactly matched the 30-year average. At Bangor, the average temperature of 52.6 degrees was 1.1 degrees below average. It was the coolest may at Bangor since 2005.

A total of 4.37 inches of rain was observed at caribou which was 1.04 inches above average. A trace of snow was observed at Caribou on the 9th and 10th. At Bangor, 6.36 inches of rain was observed making it the wettest may since 1989, and the 5th all-time wettest May on record.

Although temperatures averaged close to normal, there was one hot day on the 18th when highs reached into the 90s at many locations, and numerous daily record were established. The high of 90F at Caribou was the first 90 degree day since the summer of 2014, and it was only the 7th time that there has been a high of 90 degrees or warmer during the month of May. At Bangor, the high of 92F was the warmest temperature observed during the month of May since 2010 when the high was also 92F on may 25th.

The official outlook for June 2017 from the Climate Prediction Center indicates an increased likelihood of above average Temperatures. There are no strong climate signals that would tilt the odds toward an unusually wet or dry June.

The average high at caribou climbs from 68 degrees in the 1st to 74 degrees by the end of June. At Bangor, the average highs climb from 70 degrees on the 1st to 78 degrees at the end of the month. The average lows at Caribou rise from 45F on the 1st to 53F by the end of the month. At Bangor, the average lows rise from 48F on the1st to 56F by the end of the month. The average rainfall at Caribou Is 3.48 inches, and the average rainfall at Bangor is 3.76 inches. The threat of severe weather increases during the month of June, and there have been more reports of tornadoes during the month of June across northern and eastern Maine than any other month of the year. The summer solstice this year occurs at 12:24 am EDT on the 21st.