Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Surface Chart showing the synoptic setup when the hail cell occurred. Posted by Picasa

Local Doppler Radar Composite Taken as the Hail Shower was moving through the area. Posted by Picasa

A pic of the brief Hail shower that occurred at between 3:00 PM and 3:05 PM Local Time (AST), while still in progress. Posted by Picasa

Weather Report For Johnson Settlement NB, Recorded At 2200 UCT On 03/14/2006

Temp: Current; 3.5 C/38 F, High; 5.4 C/42 F, Low; (to current time) 2.2 C/36 F

Hum: 75%

Bar: 991 mb/29.27 Inches (lowest of the month, thus far); Falling Slowly

Sky: Overcaste; Stratus, light fog

Wind: NW; 1 gusting to 3 mph/2 gusting to 5 km/h

Precip: Light drizzle

Snowfall: (to current time) None

Total Precip: (to current time) 9.5 mm/0.37 Inch of mainly rain, and some hail, fell in the daylight hours

Note: A brief shower of hail occurred between 3:00 PM and 3:05 PM Local Time (AST)