Thursday, May 24, 2007

Weather Summary For 05/24/2007

Temp: High; 27.4 C/81 F, Low; 4.5 C/40 F

Total Precip: None

Note: None

Weather Summary For 05/23/2007

Temp: High; 21.9 C/71 F, Low; -1.9 C/29 F

Total Precip: None

Note: A Heavy Frost occurred in the predawn hours.

Barometric pressure reading of 1031 mb/30.45 Inches, recorded at 10:00 AM ADT/9:00 AM EDT.

Weather Highlights For 05/22/2007

Bar: 1028 mb/30.36 Inches, recorded at 11:00 PM ADT/10:00 PM EDT