Tuesday, December 06, 2016

November 2016 Climate Summary for Northern and Eastern Maine


November 2016 will be remembered for significantly above average
temperatures...below to near normal precipitation...and snowfall
that ranged from below average Downeast to above average north...
with a snowy finish to the month.

Temperature averages ranged from 2.5 degrees above Downeast to 5.5
degrees above across the far north. At Caribou...the November 2016
average of 36.8 degrees tied as the second warmest November on
record with 2009...with only the 2011 average of 37.9 degrees
finishing warmer. Houlton with an average of 37.0 had it 8th warmest
November...with the warmest there 38.4 recorded in november 2006.
The complete lack of arctic air masses characterized the month...
and although cloudy conditions kept average high temps from being
very much above normal...overnight lows were much above average. At
Caribou...the lowest temperature of the month of 23 degrees recorded
On the 7th...12th and 29th was the first time the minimum November
Temperature failed to fall to at least into the teens prior to the
end of the month since records began in 1939.

Total precipitation for the month ranged from near average across
the Downeast and far northern portions of the region to as little as
70 percent of average over central portions of the region. All of
the region would have likely experienced well below average
precipitation if it were not for significant events that occurred on
The 16th...25th and 26th and 29th and 30th.

With the advent of somewhat colder air masses after the 20th...
enough cold air became in place for the remaining precipitation
events to be mostly snow across the far north and a combo of snow
and rain events for central portions of the region. Although Caribou
began the snow season with the second latest first measurable snow
event of record on november 21st ending on the 22nd...two other
moderate to heavy snow events followed on the 25th-26th and 29th-
30th. This resulted in the month finishing significantly above
average with the monthly total of 20.2 inches the 11th snowiest
November...significantly behind the 34.9 inch snowiest November
recorded in 1974. The snow depth of 16 inches at Caribou on the 30th
was also the 4th highest ever recorded for the month with wet heavy
snowfall clinging to trees and other outdoor objects...A stark
contrast to what was a very mild...snowfree fall.

The climate prediction center outlook for the month of December is
calling for slightly greater probability from climatology of above
normal temperatures and precipitation for the region. Average
December daily mean temps range from the mid to upper teens in the
far north to the upper 20s along the downeast coast. Average liquid
equivalent precipitation for the month for the entire area is about
3.25 to 3.50 inches while average snowfall ranges from around 10
Inches along the Downeast coast upwards to 25 to 30 inches across
lower terrain far northern locations...with higher average snowfall
For higher terrain locations of the northwest.