Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Weather Report For Johnson Settlement NB Recorded At 2100 UCT On 10/12/2005

Temp: 10.7 C/51 F, High; 13.3 C/56 F, Low; (lowest temp of the month, and the season, thus far) -1.1 C/30 F

Hum: 37%

Bar: 1032 mb/30.48 Inches; Holding Steady

Sky: Mainly Sunny; Cirrus and Cirrostratus (mainly in the far SW part of the sky)

Wind: East; 3 gusting to 6 mph/5 gusting to 10 km/h

Precip: None

Total Precip: None

Note: Lowest temp of the month, and the season, thus far.
A heavy frost occurred in the predawn hours, giving some minor frost damage to certain plants. High barometric pressure reading of 1033 mb/30.51 Inches recorded at 12:00 PM local time (ADT)